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Buz Larkin

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1933 - 1993

Notes Of Remembrance

Buz got his nickname playing college basketball at Fordham 1952-54

He was called Buzzy for his last minute before the buzzer exploits
His nickname was shortened to Buz after college

He was co-captain of the Fordham team his senior year

Buz became freshman coach at Fordham in 1956

The 1973 FL Annual Report mentions Allan G. Larkin, better known as Buz

A pic of Buz from the 1974 FL Annual Report
with Dave Brictson (L) and Art Voss (R)

A Jun 1976 ALEA article shows Buz meeting with ALEA officials

In Sep 1977 he finalized the AFA contract

Buz met again with ALEA in Dec 1977

Next, in 1978, Buz and the pilots settled a contract

Buz in a 1980 pose

Buz pictured in the 1981 FL Annual Report

Another listing from the 1981 Annual Report

FL and ALEA agreed to an contract in Oct 1981

The ALEA magazine reported the agreement the same month

A Dec 1981 photo of Buz

We are FLamily
Jake Lamkins

Gone West But Not Forgotten!!!