Joe Crider researched the names of the Frontier folks in this photo

The placement of names came to me from Ken Hopper, John Brennan and Warren Hill. All worked Line Maint. Denver many years. Photo is attached. Back Row Lt. to Rt. Dick Hoffman-Pilot, Ken Daily-Pilot, JoeUmerskt-Maint, Lenard Stuart-Maint, Brice Garner-Maint., Red Rickert-Maint, Jerry Kimmel, GSE Maint., Roy Deaming-Maint, Joe Coppersmith-Maint, Ed Mills-Dispatch, Bill Hilbert-Maint, unknown ?, Woody Landis-Maint, unknown ?, Fred Hart-Pilot, Joe Nale-Maint. Front Row Lt. to Rt. A fellow from stores ? Art Stoner-Radio Maint, Carl Willman-Maint, Harold Ruppel-Maint, John Higgins-Maint, Zick Burns-Maint, Earl Keen- Dispach, Walter Scott- Maint. I worked with many of these guys and knew several others around the hanger. Several of them retired before Frontier closed. Joe Crider (5/29/99)

Jake Lamkins