We are FLamily!
Floyd Ririe

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1906 - 1999

Notes Of Remembrance

Burial Note

Floyd in 1929

Floyd began working at Challenger Airlines on February 15, 1946.

10M safe miles for Floyd in 1961

Floyd gets 20 year pin - Jun 1966 FL NEWS

Floyd at a 1966 Christmas Party

Deplaning his last flight as a commercial pilot in Dec 1966

Fellow pilots pose with Floyd and his wife upon his retirement.

Article about Floyd
From the Feb 1967 FL NEWS.

Sep 1976 article mentions Floyd

Photo with Sep 1976 article

Billy Walker, Chick Stevens & Floyd in 1982

A May 1982 pic of Floyd in a Jenny

Floyd at 1984 party for Isaac's retirement

Memorial cake at 2005 SLC Reunion

We are FLamily!

Jake Lamkins
Gone West But Not Forgotten!!!