Part of the fleet at Denver.

Inconvenienced passengers were given chits for free drinks.

Sliding into Casper on March 23, 1983! What happened?

Frontier's route system in 1978.

A Frontier Convair 580 hit a pothole in St. Louis. Go HERE for details.
The 580s were very tough.
See this news article to see what they are being used for today.

Boeing 737 being serviced at the terminal in St. Louis.

Frontier Airlines had 10 presidents in its entire history and four in the last 4 years of its existence.
Glen Ryland became the 7th President in 1980 when he succeeded Al Feldman who moved to Continental Airlines as chief executive.
Frontier's fortunes started declining in 1982 and employee groups and unions began giving back wages and benefits to keep it alive.
Ryland quit in early 1985 and was followed by Hank Lund, well known to employees from his many years as a vice president.
He didn't last long. Joe O'Gorman, from United Airlines, took over in May, 1985.
Many thought United would buy Frontier but it was not to be.
The employees' union coalition struggled to save the airline but their efforts failed.
People Express took control in early 1986 and put Larry Martin in charge, Frontier's 10th and last President.
They continued operating Frontier as a separate entity.
The death throes were well underway by early Summer and it came to an end
on August 24, 1986 when Frontier was shut down and bankruptcy filed a few days later.
Its failure also doomed People Express, New York Air and four commuter carriers.
It would take years to settle the pension disputes and lawsuits.
Efforts were still being made in 2003 to settle ESOP accounts.
For more details on what happened, see A Death In The Family ,
The View From PEX,
A Rebuttal to the PEX site
and An Overview Of Texas Air .

Frontier's last timetable dated September 3, 1986.
It never went into effect because the airline halted operations and filed bankruptcy the week before.

And so it ended and the Frontier Family scattered to the four winds.

Members of the Frontier Family still meet in cyberspace.
Come visit us at our FRONTIER CLUB.

Jake Lamkins