Thanks to Chuck Tisckos and Gil Bliss for information and photos.
The incident happened
in the Winter of 1979.
The Convair 580 was taxiing in at St. Louis.
It had no passengers on board
since it was a "maintenance ferry"
from Kansas City.

Both propellers were badly damaged
when they came in contact with the ground
and the nose gear collapsed.
Notice how they are bent at the ends.

The aircraft hit a 3 foot pothole
hidden in a puddle of water.
The nosegear was snapped off
and the nose of the aircraft hit the ground.
The gear has been repaired in this photo.
Note damage to fuselage incurred
when propellers hit the ground.

Repairs were completed by Frontier maintenance
personnel from the airlines' Denver HQs.
Propellers still not replaced in this picture.

Another shot with propellers missing.
The two engines were also damaged.

Click on pic for larger view.

Click on pic for larger view.

Jake Lamkins