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Al Feldman



1927 - 1981

Notes Of Remembrance

Al began working at Frontier Airlines on Mar 8, 1971

Frontier's Presidents

The employees newsletter announced his arrival in the Mar/Apr issue -------

Al's first message to the employees appeared in the same issue

A March 1971 photo

His second message to the employees was in the May newsletter

He gave an award in Jul 1971

Al presented another award in Sep 1971

Another 1971 photo of Al

He appeared in PUB in Oct 1971

He gave another award in Oct 1971

A Nov 1971 article pictures him in western gear

A group photo from the 1970s features Al

Al and Ray Wilson on FL's 25th anniversary in Nov 1971

Another pic with Ray on FL's 25th anniversary

Jan 1972 article notes Al's meeting with local service managers

Another Jan 1972 item has Al giving awards to pilots

Flight attendants receiving awards from AL in early 1972

Barb Mitchell gets FA of the Month award from Al in Mar 1972

Al visiting with pilots in Mar 1972

Photo from the 1972 Frontier annual report

Al giving an award in 1972

Golfing with AL in Jun 1972

Al on the cover of the Nov 1972 Air Transport World

He is shown with John Scott and Ken Smith in 1973

An award presentation in 1974

Al in the mid 1970s

A 1975 article about Al

Al with Jack Casey and Don Hatfield in 1975

He presented the presidential award in Mar 1976

The presidential Awards in Nov 1976

Patti Cannon gets an award from Al in 1976

Close-up of the photo in the above item

Al giving out marketing awards in Apr 1977

Aug 1977 item about Miss ALEA and Al

Station agents gets awards from Al in Oct 1977

He discusses deregulation in Jan 1979

Al in a 1979 photo

He is shown with a beauty queen in Sep 1979

Article about Al and Glen Ryland in Apr 1980

Photo of Al in 1981

Article about Al's death on Aug 9, 1981

An Aug 1981 article about Al's death

A Sep 1981 memoriam for Al

Al is buried in San Diego, California

He is mentioned in Lamar Muse's autobiography


We are FLamily