Frontier Airlines DC3 Crash

DC-3 CRASH IN 1957

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Thanks to Joe Crider for this photo of the aircraft after it landed.

Another look at the wing and a third photo of the damage.
Two more pix have been received - #4 and #5.

The aircraft involved in this incident, N65276, was called by pilots the "suicide 3". It was in three confirmed serious accidents - the last fatal. On December 21, 1967 it crashed and burned at Denver, killing Capt. Rocky Crane and FO Rick Cochran. It was being used as a freighter that day.

Read the pilot's report on the incident and his supervisor's comments. Thanks to Ken Schultz for sending this report.

Check out efforts to retrieve the wingtip after nearly 50 years. Thanks to Billy Walker, Ron Rosenhahn and all the others involved in this project.

Captain Dale Welling and First Officer Burt Wrasse piloted the aircraft to a safe landing at Phoenix.
Donna Bailey was the flight attendant.

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