Jake Lamkins retired after 18+ years of federal service. His last official work day was August 30, 2003. His actual last day was May 8, 2003. Tour 3 had a retirement party for him on August 29. Tour supervisor Dean Kjosa presented Jake a certificate of appreciation from the USPS. Everyone enjoyed the cake and soda. Photos by Cindy Barron & Jake Lamkins. Click on photos for big view.

Thank you! -Jake

The cake

The attentive Tour 3 crew

Well, most were awake

Not the Tour 3 we used to be

Checking the cake

Dean about to orate

Gimme some!

Aww, shucks

Disgruntled postal employee

Marian takes a nap while pizza boy outside is aghast

Randall makes his move

Get outa the way

Full frontal lobal nudity

Good cake!

Not focused, typical postal operation

Carl, the cake's alreay baked

Watch your hand, Glenn!

More full frontal lobal nudity

The end, but it aint over

Dean's present

So this is what I get for 18 years work!?

Jake's Second Retirement Party

There was more cake at the September 14, 2003 meeting of APWU Local 667 when Jake was honored for his service to the union and his retirement. He received a congratulatory card which enclosed a check for $100 to go along with the cake. Everyone had a great time. Photos by Monica Singletary and Jake Lamkins.

Another cake and just as good as the first!

Gini gives Jake his card which Loren finds funny

Loren is amazed at Jake's cutting skills

Paul, Monica & Royce starting a rumor

Charlie and Carol starting another rumor

Paul supervises the cake operation while Vicky looks on

Manuel taste tests the cake while the rest wait to see it's okay

It doesn't look like the cake hurt him

Charlie shows everybody how it's done

Gini, Lynn and Chuck make up a contented group

Yes, it was a real good cake

Jake Lamkins