1972 - 2014

Shane's online funerary guestbook

Another online memorial webpage for Shane

Shane in 2013
This is by far my favorite picture of Shane so far.
Rest in peace big brother and give Grandma, Bill and all the Lamkins men a huge bear hug from us all down here.
Also remember the time we were little and watching Poltergeist?
You promised if you died first that you would send me a sign, so um go ahead and honor that would ya?
-Amber Lamkins

Another photo of Shane from 2013

Dave and Shane in 2010

Hannah, Shane and Garrett in 2008

Jake, Kaitlyn, April and Shane in 2007

Kaitlyn, April and Shane in 2007

Steve and Shane in 2007

Shane and Garrett in 2005

Dave, Shane and Steve in 2004

Shane and April at the 2000 Cotton Bowl
This is prolly one of my favorite pictures of my parents.
I can't imagine what I would do without you mom, you and dad taught me what love was all about through good and bad times.
You always stuck with dad and I can't help but think daddy is lookin down on us and happy at the life he created with you.
I love y'all so much forever and always and I'm so blessed to have you by my side mom
-Kaitlyn Lamkins

Kaitlyn and Shane in 1996

Shane in 1988
L-R: Shane, Amber, Sharon and Steve in Houston

Shane and Steve in 1987

Shane in 1986
He was 14 years old and a proud football player

Another 1986 photo of Shane
His school photo

Shane in 1984
12 years old and already playing football

Steve, Sharon and Shane in the Summer of 1983
at their home in Memphis

Amber and Shane about 1982
I had to be JUST like you! I loved your Razorback jacket and you couldn't keep me away from it.
Somehow Mom & Dad found one in my size just like it! I was now a perfect match to my big brother.
-Amber Lamkins

Amber and Shane in 1982

Shane, Amber, Sharon and Steve in 1982

Shane, Joyce, Link and Melba
July 1981 in Hot Springs

Link, Shane, Joyce, Steve and Sharon
February 1980 in Fayetteville

May 1978 in Memphis

Sharon, Shane and Steve
Dressed for a wedding in May 1977

Close-up from the previous photo

Steve, Shane and Sharon
Another wedding photo from the Fall of 1976

Close-up from previous pic

September 1974 in Fayetteville

Ready for the Razorbacks in Fayetteville, September 1974

Shane's Facebook page .. Grandpa .. Grandma .. Uncle Link .. Uncle Rik

This was a favorite of Shane's
-Jake Lamkins